Mystery Thrift Boxes


Project Name

Mystery Thrift Boxes

Team Members

Only me

School Name

Georgian College

Project Description

I hand pick every single clothing mystery box for anyone who doesn’t really know how to style themselves or would just like to feel like it’s christmas! my boxes are basically customizable, your size, your colour preference, your style preference and the size of the box! All of the pieces are thrifted, i love shopping second hand! it is amazing on the environnement and there’s no need to spend 40$ on one t-shirt when you can just pick up one of these boxes!:)

What Makes Your Project Remarkable?

I want everyone to feel welcome. so many people of all sizes community all feel insecure about sizes and picking out your own clothes, not knowing if it’s a good outfit or not! i love fashion, i love art and i love self love more than anything. i used to weigh 250lbs and now i am 130lbs, i lost it all from an eating disorder. all because i was ashamed of my weight and to put it simply, i truly hated myself. i thought being “skinny” would make me happier, it would make me love myself more but guess what? it didn’t. of course, i started to feel better in smaller clothes but now i’m terrified to wear bigger sweaters cause what if someone thinks i’m fat? WHO CARES!!!!!! it doesn’t matter!!$ every body is beautiful, no matter what you put yourself in. i want to show people that. to show people that sizes and all that crap doesn’t matter as long as you’re confident and keep reminding yourself how much of a baddie you are! no matter what, someone will judge you. you can’t make everyone happy ever, that’s just the sad truth. so why not live your life making YOURSELF happy:)

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