International students in canada


Project Name

International students in canada

Team Members

Chintan Desi, Umang Patel, Harsh Paladiya

School Name

Algonquin college

Project Description

This is about a story of an international student who comes in this country with the dreams of being able to achieve something big in their life and change the world, but then they get to realize that life is not a fairy tail ware you got to do what ever you feel like and just focus on what you wanna become, when we come to this country we leave everything behind, our family, our friends, the place we grew in the sentimental values attached with your room in your house and as soon as we land here we get pushed in this never ending race of life ware, you are just trying to study and work to make your ends meet and after this hassle you realizes that if you can get permanent residence in this country then you could at least think about affording university, and in no time you see yourself running behind permanent residency, changing province to get it faster and finally after 2 years or in some cases 4 years of wait you get your PR, you unlocked the key towards your dreams, but is it even your priority after 4 years or you have found something else or is it like the time has gone now, this happens with a lot of international students who come here aspiring for great future, for me I am trying to continue my dream, trying to pick up on the journey I had to leave 2 years ago, due to financial cries.

What Makes Your Project Remarkable?

This represents the half done dream of an international student who want to become an architect and bring chance in society but never actually got a chance to finish it due to financial reasons, with me this represents every single student how has to drop out in between studies or take a college 2 years course, it represent all the unfulfilled dreams, all the unperfected gems, all of the half done projects which had potential and could have change the world if given chance.