THE ARIES (The face of African Cuisine in Canada)


Project Name

THE ARIES (The face of African Cuisine in Canada)

Team Members

Eghemen Ehiagwina

School Name

Lambton College (Me) York University (Eghemen)

Project Description

As a Nigerian International student I find it difficult finding the meals I grew up with. Meals that remind me of back home, the wonderful aroma from the pies and rice oozing through the whole house on a Sunday morning. I miss that so I want to bring such experience to Canada and also create a homey environment for other students or individuals that miss the food from back home.

What Makes Your Project Remarkable?

I believe this project would be something that would help students settle in comfortably into their surroundings. The chance to work into a building where you can find everything your mum cooked for you, remembering the smell and the architecture. Everything would be done just to make it feel like back home.

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