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Full list of team members included in the description below.

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McGill University, University of Toronto, Université de Montréal, Université Laval, University of Ottawa, Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, Marianopolis College, Dawson College, Vanier College

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Coda is a medical-student-led fundraising initiative in official collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). Our goal? Raise awareness for cancer among the youth across Canada by conducting various engaging and informative events tailored to their interests. With the proper management and execution of our events, we are looking to provide cancer patients with the help they need and give them the attention and credit they deserve. Therefore, we put together an Outreach plan of action to reach out to other members of our demographic to gradually establish a network of young leaders willing to contribute to the fight against cancer. Since the re-launch of our project in early 2022, today, we work alongside 80 students scattered over 9 of the most well-renowned Canadian academic institutions (including 4 medical schools) to encourage each other to put our innovative skills to use to create a world where no Canadian fears cancer. With tens of influential and hardworking McGill Medical Students onboard embracing the values of our university, we hope to leave an authentic positive impact on the lives of Canadian cancer patients. Team members include: Aalya Hamouda, Akash Pattni, Alicia Belaiche, Allison Engo, Amrit Das, Aridj Bouragbi, Aymen Sahal, Chrisitian Haddad, Daniel Josué Guerra, David Adem, David Lu, Devon Haseltine,Emmanuel Orfanos, Emma Youhnovska, Franco D’Anna, Gabriel Trottenberg, Ghina Faucher-Jabado, Hannah Majeed, Han Zhang Huang, Hongda Li, Jeanne Lu, Lauren Perlman, Lily Fakhouri, Max Williams, Nicolas Lavoie, Omar Toubar, Ramez Hanna, Sophie Valence, Syphax Brouri, Taylor Danielle, Thomas Barabé, Wassim Elmasry, Wassim Senouci, Yacine Louni, Patrick Samaha, Jamieleen Pingol, Jenna Gu, Patrick Jaar, Jeremy Azar, Xavier Turcotte, Samuel Averbuh, Syme Kharbotly, Lisa Voinea, Marie-Ève Robert, Aline Han, Sandrine Ménard, Youssef Gheith, Panagiota Giannios, Ralph Chamieh, Nadia Hdeffi, Maria Haddad, Yousef Kamel, Nour Labadi, Anne-Sophie Lafortune, George Laggis, Leïla Mouloudi, Elizabeth Gaspo, Inès Richard, Lyza Maameri, Gabrielle Stephan, Yasser El Fakir, Abigaël Carpentier, Adir Baxi, Amélie Lachance-Soulard, Erica Shligold, Ramtin Ghasemi, Adam Mouncef, Sarah Dahman, Léa Chicoine-Diaz, Sarah Prévost, Helia Alikaj, Rosalie Pham-Le, Léonie Adam, Patrick Shaw, Natalie Oosterman, Denise Dan, Brenda Truong, Kyle Coelho, Karim Gaafar, Edward Yun, Talia Trottenberg, Grace Kwon, Julie Persechino, Kailey Qin, Majed Latach, Jack Garxenaj.

What Makes Your Project Remarkable?

We believe Coda is exceptional because of the wide extent of the impact we make. In fact, since our relaunch in late 2021, we have raised over $18,000, cultivated a strong social media presence with over 1,000 followers on Instagram, and managed to sell 150+ Coda hoodies in the space of 2 weeks as part of our now annual Ribbon Campaign. Not only do we hold numerous fundraising events where the proceeds are donated to our partners at the Canadian Cancer Society (who use the money to emotionally and financially support vulnerable cancer patients and make groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in cancer research), but as demonstrated by our Green Committee and Physical Health and Wellness Department, we also focus a lot of our attention on raising awareness and promoting cancer prevention. As medical students, we are also very interested in cancer research. As such, our very own Research and Educational Development (RED) Department organizes events where we invite oncologists, physicians and other experts to talk to us about the newest advances in the field to spark the interest of the youth and thus expand the field in the future. In addition, we make sure not to forget the cancer patients themselves. During our Christmas in July event, we assembled 220 gift bags for La Maison Bleue and all hospitalized children at the McGill University Health Center (MUHC). Furthermore, we'll soon be launching our own cancer patient reassurance platform called the Chit Chat Program and a Community Action Department whose mission is to advocate for adequate nutrition for cancer patients in the Outaouais region. We hope to deliver a direct positive impact on the lives of cancer patients from their own hospital rooms. All these incredible projects were brought to life in record time thanks to our Administrative Team working hard behind the scenes to provide the financial and technical tools necessary to maintain these projects and promote them to our ever-growing audience. The overwhelming support we received, the stunning website we designed and coded ourselves from scratch, and the thousands and thousands of dollars we raised within just 7 months since our relaunch are only a few indicators of our dedication and pay testament to the fact that we are heading in the right direction. We still have countless ambitious ideas and future projects to bring to life and we hope Coda continues to be at the forefront of student-led initiatives!

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