Project indigenous groupcare/ play group.


Project Name

Project indigenous groupcare/ play group.

Team Members


School Name

Sprott shaw college

Project Description

I would love have the opportunity to create a culturally aged early childhood curriculum for my business idea of Opening an indigenous playgroup or daycare. I would like to set a percentage of spacing to be reserved for indigenous families within the community and implement revitalization of culture and language working towards reconciliation.

What Makes Your Project Remarkable?

I would love to make an impact by mentoring and teaching younger generations, encouraging healthy active lifestyle choices, and contributing to early childhood development. I believe with this education I would have the necessary tools and experience to further expand my ability to teach, there is always a need for educators within the native communities.I feel with passing elder generations, it is now more than ever, extremely important to pass down traditions and values, bringing more awareness to culture, language and heritage. We should encourage youth to identify with and learn their culture or language by passing down knowledge to the younger generations, supporting youth development and interaction within the community, the environment and family relations. I believe this could make a huge impact on the future of my community, connect families together and will help further build a healthy/supportive environment for our youth.