DECAP - Making Needle-Safety Simple


Project Name

DECAP - Making Needle-Safety Simple

Team Members

Jamie Magrill, Ina Na

School Name

McGill & UBC

Project Description

Every year, 16 billion injections are performed (this number is projected to double due to COVID vaccines), and 2 million healthcare and front-line workers receive accidental needle-stick injuries every year - that’s 1 every 15 seconds. The personal costs of a needle-stick injury can be huge: from contracting a blood-borne disease, to needing to take harsh anti-retroviral (anti-HIV/HepC) medications, as well as psychological stress of coming back to an unsafe workplace, and for this reason needle-stick injuries account for more than $600 million USD in healthcare, workloss and burnout costs each year in North America.

 With DECAP, you can protect yourself and your co-workers, friends and family members using needles at work. DECAP revolutionizes the needle-use workflow and eliminates needle-stick injuries before they happen by allowing users to work one-handed and keeps users fingers away from the sharp-end of the needle. DECAP has a proven, patent-pending design, a fully-functional product, and has the potential to save lives and make healthcare a safer place - we just need your help to put DECAP in every hospital, pharmacy and research lab around the world!

What Makes Your Project Remarkable?

We created DECAP because we both injured ourselves with needles in the workplace. When we looked for alternatives, we realized there weren't any, and we decided to act.

No one should have to go to work and worry that this might be the day they poke themselves with a life-threatening drug or disease-carrying solution - but this still happens every day to healthcare and research workers. Word is starting to get out about DECAP, and we have recently been featured on the Ubyssey, Times of Israel, and our team has won several national and international startup competitions, and brought DECAP to hundreds of satisfied users and customers around the world.

 Although we also work full-time as graduate students, we were able to build out our team, complete entrepreneurship@UBC's Lab2Launch Accelerator, and create DECAP: a unique, patent-pending device that helps make needle-use safer. We envision DECAP on every workstation in healthcare, veterinary and research, protecting up to 60 million workers every day from needle-stick injuries.m Winning the Remarkable Students Competition will help us move towards mass-manufacturing and enable us to take DECAP around the world to make a difference in every workplace where needles are used! 

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