Aiuto Solutions


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Aiuto Solutions

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Leya Oommen

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Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute and Waterloo Collegiate Institute

Project Description

Aiuto Solutions is a hub that connects people in need with people who want to give. Donors see how their contributions directly impact people, creating a meaningful donation process. Our app enables charities and organizations to create “wish lists” (for people in need) and allows donors to fulfill them. Our process allows for efficient matching, while permitting local businesses to participate in sourcing the needs. Currently, we are using Aiuto Solutions to build a stronger sense of community during the holidays and COVID-19. Starting in December 2020, we have been partnering with nursing homes to provide personalized gifts to elderly residents who have been isolated due to COVID-19.

What Makes Your Project Remarkable?

Aiuto Solutions has been our passion project for over 2 years. It started when Ellen’s family was unable to visit her grandfather, due to COVID-19 restrictions. She saw first-hand how isolated those in long-term care were, especially during the holidays. Thus came the idea to facilitate donations to nursing homes in Waterloo. We realized that this solution was applicable to all charitable causes and highly customizable. Consequently, Aiuto Solutions was born. We've since developed the app and used it on a larger scale to provide personalized gifts to over 150 residents, with help from local stores, volunteers, the University of Waterloo, and the community. Local involvement has been the key to this project. Throughout our initiatives we received feedback from nursing homes and donors. We also interviewed charities such as the Women's Crisis Services, the YWCA, and the Canadian Red Cross. All of this has gone into making Aiuto Solutions what it is today. Our driving force is our friendship. This has allowed us to form a strong partnership: We both contribute to all aspects of the project, can listen to each other, and provide constructive criticism.

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