EVolution Toronto


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EVolution Toronto

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max montemarano

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Mary Ward C.S.S.

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EVolution encourages people to visit their blog and social media to learn more about electric vehicles (EVs)!

What Makes Your Project Remarkable?

One of the biggest projects I’m currently working on is with Youth Challenge International where I have been volunteering with the Climate Catalyst program in order to build a climate action project. We partnered with the City of Toronto, and spoke with government officials in Sweden and many other decision-makers to build an electric vehicle uptake strategy for the city of Toronto to implement in order to reach our net-zero goals by 2030. We created the campaign and conducted extensive research to see significant changes in consumer behaviour through education and awareness shifting individuals' outlook on combustion engines. We partnered with the city of Toronto to lunch a campaign this year called EVolution Toronto, with the goal of educating Torontonians on the benefits of electric vehicles and connecting them with initiatives here in Canada that incentivize them to purchase electric vehicles. So far I’m alongside a talented group of individuals to develop content for the website, build social media following and finally lunching it near the end of October. This opportunity has clearly allowed me to create a project that puts into practice some of the skills I’ve been developing for the past years. Through the program, I’ve come to realize the vast number of people we were able to impact through the efforts. People seem to have stigmatized the purchase of buying electric vehicles as something for the wealthy and hard to maintain. But after being educated and educating others I’ve come to realize that not the fact, people just needed that last additional push or that one last benefit to move towards a brighter future for everyone.

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twitter: EVolutionToron1 Insta: evolutiontoronto