The Diverstory


Project Name

The Diverstory

Team Members

Kaylynn Chuy, Alicia Lay

School Name

Eric Hamber Secondary School, Killarney Secondary School

Project Description

The Diverstory is a youth-led organization that strives to give Vancouver BIPOC individuals a chance to share their perspectives and/or personal experiences on cultures, religions, injustices, racism, and many overlooked world issues. We aim to break down cultural misconceptions by magnifying BIPOC voices while promoting diversity and awareness within Vancouver and beyond. The Diverstory's Instagram platform was introduced in October 2020 and has received success in 108 survey responses, over 50 diverse individual stories, and over 20 informative posts. In 2022, The Diverstory project's vision was to support minority-owned businesses, minority artists, and individuals alike. Magnifying BIPOC voice on the Instagram platform was achieved through Art Showcase, Participant Share, BIPOC Business Share and Culture Share initiatives.

What Makes Your Project Remarkable?

Participant Share is an anonymous method for participants to share their own personal experiences. These are constructed through prompting current event/cultural/social justice questions that are answered and posted along with a visual representation of the participant based on information provided. Over the past few months, over 50 participant shares with intuitive responses have been received, while the first 20 participants have also received $25 giftcards to Juke Fried Chicken, a minority-owned business, to further promote supporting local and BIPOC. There also have been several interviews of Juke Fried Chicken, Beetbox, and Gojo Cafe, to shed light on how it is like being. BIPOC-business owner, especially during a pandemic. The Diverstory Team used community service grants to distribute $1250 in hot lunches from small businesses with greeting cards for the less fortunate. These meals acted as economic support and a form of conversation. We conveyed the messages of the less fortunate and small business owners into posts, narrating their stories. All of these initiatives have made an impact educating over 1600 followers and growing!

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